Ahmed Bendahmane

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Until recently, application developers could often assume a target environment that was homogeneous, reliable, secure, and centrally managed. However, with the advent of collaborative computing and data sharing, more and more new modes of interaction have evolved resulting in the need and use of distributed resources. Work within this community has led to(More)
Grid computing has recently seen a great importance in diverse applications domains of scientific, industrial, and commercial activities, which demand huge computational power. Unlike traditional cluster computing, large scale grids permit the sharing of grid resources spread through different administrative sites autonomy. The distributed and dynamic(More)
Recently, distributed computing infrastructures such as grid computing, have witnessed huge developments which have a very important impact on computationally intensive scientific, industrial and engineering problems. Collaborative computing, resources access and sharing facilitated by grid computing systems amplifies concerns about cyber attacks and(More)
Information services are one of the most important requirements of the grid system. They include Discovery and Monitoring of the resources. The discovery is the process of finding the computational resource/service. The Monitoring detects and diagnoses problems. Both require the information collection about the resources from the complete grid environment.(More)
In service oriented computing applications, different resources in grid systems are encapsulated abstractly as services. Sometime, single service software can provide valuable service functions for service consumers, but most of the time, single atomic service can not satisfy them. In this case, the system builds a new composite service, which selects all(More)
With the advent of cloud service-based applications and Software as a Service (SaaS), new applications have recently known an increasing use of service-oriented architecture (SOA). This model has allowed computer science and associated industries to build new customized applications, by using the available and the existing cloud services bridged together(More)
MapReduce has been widely used as a powerful parallel data processing model and is adopted by most cloud providers to built cloud computing framework. However, in open cloud systems, security of computation becomes a great challenge. Moreover, MapReduce data-processing services are long-running, which increase the opportunity that an adversary launches(More)
The Agent in Grid (AiG) project aims to develop an agent-based infrastructure that facilitates the resource management in the Grid. The core assumptions behind the system are: software agents representing Grid resources work in teams, and all information is ontologically represented and semantically processed. Thus far, trust management in AiG system is(More)