Ahmed Ben Hamida

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This paper proposes two hybrid connectionist structural acoustical models for robust context independent phone like and word like units for speaker-independent recognition system. Such structure combines strength of Hidden Markov Models (HMM) in modeling stochastic sequences and the non-linear classification capability of Artificial Neural Networks (ANN).(More)
An Electroencephalography (EEG) inverse solution technique can be seen as a way to add spatial information to extra-cranial measurements. In other words, it is a mathematical/physical way to expand the dimensionality of scalp measurements so as to embed intra-cranial spatial information. This paper presents the new sLORETA-FOCUSS approach estimating the(More)
This study investigates a fast distribution-matching, data-driven algorithm for 3D multimodal MRI brain glioma tumor and edema segmentation in different modalities. We learn non-parametric model distributions which characterize the normal regions in the current data. Then, we state our segmentation problems as the optimization of several cost functions of(More)
This paper discusses the accurate measurement of formant frequencies using Cesptral and LPC method. Each algorithm was implemented with Matlab and was applied in the aim to evaluate the precision of both designed techniques. The conceived Cepstral algorithm is a frequency method based on picking peaks from the Cepstrally-smoothed frequency spectrum of the(More)
The use of auditory models in cochlear implant sound processing strategies aims to improve cochlear implant user perception of speech. This paper presents the implementation of a cochlear implant signal processing strategy on DSP. As for concretization, TMS320C6416 DSP board was chosen. The aim of the new strategy is to o GUbtain more natural sound in CIs(More)