Ahmed Bakir Benabadji

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Ongoing dialogues between customers and web-based virtual advisors (e.g., Kelley Blue Book’s Auto Choice Advisor) are an untapped source of marketing research data for new product opportunities based on new combinations of customer needs. These data provide the scale necessary for complex products (148 trucks and 129 customer needs in our application). The(More)
In many industries, such as the automotive, travel, and health industries, customers routinely use the Internet to gather information on product features and to refine their choice sets. As a result, many websites (e.g., Kelley’s Blue Book) now provide virtual advisors to help customers narrow their searches. Customer preference data from these virtual(More)
The essential oil composition of an endemic Algerian Cruciferae, Pseudocytisus integrifolius (Salisb.) Rehder, was analyzed by gas chromatography (GC) and GC-mass spectrometry (MS). Eighty-three components representing more than 96.5% of the oil were identified. The major components were dimethyl disulfide (33.4%), dimethyl trisulfide (24.2%), and an(More)
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