Ahmed B. Mahmood

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Applying security to the transmitted medical images is important to protect the privacy of patients. Secure transmission requires cryptography, and watermarking to achieve confidentiality, and data integrity. Improving cryptography part needs to use an encryption algorithm that stands for a long time against different attacks. The proposed method is based(More)
The increasing need for telemedicine in healthcare industry created a great necessity to secure the transmitted data among medical centers. Medical image encryption (MIE) is an important technique to achieve security for medical images. Many researchers use advanced encryption standard (AES) to ensure the security of medical images. Applying AES encryption(More)
This paper presents a novel efficient symmetric encryption technique that can be applied to medical images. It uses genetic algorithm which makes it highly adaptive. Standard DI-COM images are segmented into a number of regions based on pixel intensity and entropy measurements. The novelty of the selective encryption method lies in the use of several(More)
The telemedicine involves the exchange of medical information among medical centres or the transmission of medical information from a patient to a medical center. Use of this application in the healthcare industry is increasing. Patient privacy is important, therefore, there is a great necessity to guarantee safe transmission of patient's information.(More)
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