Ahmed B Darwish

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Zoonotic cutaneous leishmaniasis (ZCL) is endemic in Sinai Peninsula. The sand fly and reservoirs were investigated in Suez G., since new settlements and land reclamation programs are ongoing. The results showed that Phlebotomus papatasi reached its highest density in September. The successfully colonized P. papatasi facilitated its biology and competence(More)
The distribution of rodents was studied in three different habitats. Seven rodent species were identified: Rattus norvegicus, R. alexandrinus, R. frugivorous, Mus musculus, Acomys russatus, Meriones sacramenti and Gerbillus pyramidum. The species distribution varied with the habitat type. The highest density of rodents was in July and August and the lowest(More)
The vectorial competence of Phlebotomus papatasi for two old world Leishmania species, L. major & L. tropica was investigated. Phlebotomus papatasi originally collected from Suez Governorate, were membrane fed on homogenized hamster's lesion infected with L. major, MHOM/EG/06/RTC-63, and L. tropica, MGER/EG/06/RTC-74 identified from patients with suspected(More)
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