Ahmed Aziz

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BACKGROUND The majority of women with angina-like chest pain have no obstructive coronary artery disease when evaluated with coronary angiography. Coronary microvascular dysfunction is a possible explanation and associated with a poor prognosis. This study evaluated the prevalence of coronary microvascular dysfunction and the association with symptoms,(More)
Compressive sensing(CS) is an emerging research field that has applications in signal processing, error correction, medical imaging, seismology, and many more other areas. CS promises to efficiently reconstruct a sparse signal vector via a much smaller number of linear measurements than its dimension. In order to improve CS reconstruction performance, this(More)
Wireless sensor networks are networks of tiny, low cost, low energy, and multifunctional sensors that are densely deployed for monitoring environments, tracking objects or controlling industrial operations. In routing protocol transmission of data is the one of the most important factors that cause a rapid drain of energy between nodes and base station.(More)
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