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We define a framework for static optimization of sliding window conjunctive queries over infinite streams. When computational resources are sufficient, we propose that the goal of optimization should be to find an execution plan that minimizes resource usage within the available resource constraints. When resources are insufficient, on the other hand, we(More)
Data streaming systems face the possibility of having to shed load in the case of CPU or memory resource limitations. We study the CPU limited scenario in detail. First, we propose a new model for the CPU cost. Then we formally state the problem of shedding load for the goal of obtaining the maximum possible subset of the complete answer, and propose an(More)
We study the problem of static optimization of conjunctive queries with sliding window joins over unbounded streaming information sources. While previous work has suggested focusing on maximizing the output rate of queries over streaming information sources, we show that in steady-state, for conjunctive queries with sliding windows over unbounded streams,(More)
This paper describes the design, control and implementation of a sensorized robotic platform for versatile rehabilitation of stroke patients living with lower extremity neuromuscular deficit. The proposed device is composed of a six-degree-of-freedom actuation mechanism with a large workspace for lower extremity rehabilitation regimens. With a small(More)
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