Ahmed Aouati

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2. Paraense WL. The schistosome vectors in the Americas. Mem Inst Oswaldo Cruz. 2001;96(Suppl):7–16. DOI: 10.1590/ S0074-02762001000900002 3. Pointier JP, David P, Jarne P. Biological invasions: the case of planorbid snails. J Helminthol. 2005;79:249–56. DOI: 10.1079/JOH2005292 4. Malek EA. Studies on “tropicorbid” snails (Biomphalaria: Planorbidae) from(More)
We report a case of epidemic typhus in a patient from the Batna region of Algeria, who presented with generalized febrile exanthema. The clinical diagnosis was confirmed by serological cross-adsorption followed by Western blotting. Our report emphasizes the threat of epidemic typhus in the highlands of Algeria.
Mediterranean spotted fever (MSF) is a potentially life-threatening zoonosis caused by Rickettsia conorii and transmitted by the brown dog tick Rhipicephalus sanguineus [1]. Although MSF is one of the oldest recognised rickettsioses, there have been few reports about this rickettsiosis in North Africa [1,2]. The present work on MSF cases occurring in(More)
The relationship between fulminant viral hepatitis (FVH) and pregnancy was compared in Algeria and France. This comparison was based on the study of 22 Algerian and 77 French pregnant and non-pregnant women, aged 15 to 49 years, consecutively admitted for FVH to the Centre Hospitalier Universitaire, Constantine, Algeria, or to Hôpital Beaujon, Clichy,(More)
Two cases of acute myeloblastic leukemia were observed in a young 22 year old woman, then two years later, in her brother aged 16 years. The elder brother had died previously probably from the same disease. The very rare families in which more than two members had the same type of leukemia show the possible intervention of a hereditary factor in(More)
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