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A Robotic Cube to Preschool Children for Acquiring the Mathematical and Colours Concepts
This work presents a robot called Conceptual Robotic Cube, CR-Cube, which has a cube shape attached with a camera colours sensor and contains four wheels to move smoothly.
Employing QR Code as an Effective Educational Tool for Quick Access to Sources of Kindergarten Concepts
It is proposed that QR code can be used for digitizing kindergarten curriculums and accessing various learning resources and investigating using QR code for saving information related to the concepts which kindergarten teachers use in the current educational situation.
An Electronic and Performance Test for the Applicants to Faculty of Education for Early Childhood in Egypt for Measuring the Skills of Teacher Students
The current study presents an electronic test to measure teaching skills. This test is a part of the admission system of the Faculty of Education for Early Childhood, Cairo University. The test has
A Proposed Program for Postgraduates in Egypt to Acquire the Skills and Techniques for Producing Concept Cartoons for Kindergarten Children
The current study presents a proposed program for acquisition the skills and techniques needed to produce concept cartoon. The proposed program has been prepared for non-specialist students who have
and A Program Based on Artistic and Musical Activities to Acquire Educational Concepts for Children with Learning
 Abstract— The study aims to identify the extent of effectiveness of the artistic formation program using some types of pastes to reduce the hyperactivity of the kindergarten children with learning