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In this paper we propose an optimized broadcasting mechanism which uses very limited signaling overhead. The main objective is to select the most appropriate relay nodes according to a given cost function. Basically, after receiving a broadcast packet each potential relay node computes a binary code according to a given cost function. Then, each node starts(More)
Previous literature on the impact of scribe programs varies and has mostly been reported from academic institutions or other clinics. We report the implementation of the scribe program in the emergency room of a community hospital and its impact on patient throughput, physician productivity, and patient satisfaction. We performed a quasi-experimental,(More)
—The recent research effort towards defining new communication solutions to guarantee high availability level with limited cabling costs and complexity has renewed the interest in ring-based networks. This topology has been recently used for industrial and embedded applications, with the implementation of many Real Time Ethernet (RTE) profiles. A relevant(More)
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