Ahmed Alenany

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In system identification, the quality of data is important for obtaining good models, but there are situations where the available data are highly corrupted with noise. However, some prior information about the system to be identified, such as dc gain and settling time, may be available to obtain improved model identification despite data noise. In this(More)
In this paper, the class of subspace system identification algorithms is used to derive a new identification algorithm for 2-D causal, recursive, and separablein-denominator (CRSD) state space systems in the Roesser model form. The algorithm take a given deterministic inputoutput pair of 2-D signals and computes the system order (n) and system parameter(More)
In this paper, simple rules for tuning PID controllers for integrator/dead time processes are proposed. These rules are derived by the optimization of a discrete-time error integral criterion called the switch time weighted summation of squared error (SWSSE) criterion. In this criterion, the first M samples of the transient response are weighted by 1, while(More)
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