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Synthesis and Structure of a Zwitterionic Imidazolium 1 , 3-Dioxanide [ 1 ]
There has been much interest in conjugated 1,1endiamines in the past years [2] starting with the pioneering work of Gompper [3]. Stabilisation of betaine structures is best achieved by heteroatomExpand
A New Route to Arsonium, Stibonium, and Bismuthonium 2, 2‐Dimethyl‐4, 6‐dioxo‐1, 3‐dioxanides — The Crystal Structures of Ph3E‐C6H6O4 (E = As, Sb, Bi) [1]
The ylides Ph3E-C6H6O4 [3; E = As (a), Sb (b), Bi (c)] have been prepared through the reaction of Ph3E and 5-bromo-2, 2-dimethyl-4, 6-dioxo-1, 3-dioxin (4) followed by addition of triethylamine inExpand
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Aaskov, John G. 850 Abdalla, Gabriela 1054 Abdalla, Michel Reis 477 Abebe, Zelalem 792 Abraham, Zelalem 955 Acayo, Sarah 514 Acidri, Rogers 514 Adams, Emily R. 825 Adjei, Andrew A. 936 Aebig, Joan A.Expand