Ahmed Al-Nazer

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—Steganography is the ability to hide information in a cover media such as text, and pictures. An improved approach is proposed to embed secret into Arabic text cover media using Kashida, an Arabic extension character. The proposed approach is maximizing the use of Kashida to hide more information, represented in binary bits, in Arabic text cover media. A(More)
In this paper, we present our efforts to develop a multi-agent-based framework for cross-cultural and cross-language personalized health and nutrition semantic search. Many agents that share either the same culture or same language or same health profile could share valuable information found through their semantic search. Their interests in a common(More)
The Internet represents the biggest communication media and its dimension increases every day. This continuous growth of information makes the Internet more and more interesting, but also the task of finding selected information becomes more complex and hard. Finding exactly what a user needs is not always an easy task: for example common search engines(More)
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