Ahmed Abbou

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In This paper, the authors propose a Sensorless Direct Torque and Flux Control (DTFC) of Induction Motor (IM) using two approach intelligent techniques: Mamdani Fuzzy Logic (FL) controller is used for controlling the rotor speed and Artificial Neural Network (ANN) applied in switching select stator voltage. We estimated the rotor speed by using the Model(More)
In this paper, an induction machine rotor speed and rotor flux control using a sensorless backstepping control scheme is discussed. The most interesting point of this technique is that it deals with the nonlinearity of a high-order system by using the virtual control variable to make this system simple, and thus the control outputs can be derived step by(More)
Self-excited induction generators (SEIG) are mostly exploited in isolated areas to generate electrical energy. However, an isolated induction generator should have a control system that keeps the DC bus voltage at a constant value when the speed of the rotor and load are varied. The control scheme has been presented to maintain the DC bus voltage constant(More)
The use of laser technology to scan hardwood log surfaces for defects holds great promise for improving processing efficiency and the value and volume of lumber produced. External and internal defect detection to optimize hardwood log and lumber processing is one of the top four technological needs in the nation's hardwood industry. The location, type, and(More)
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