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Ketoconazole (KTZ) has 2 chiral centers with the therapeutically active form being a racemic mixture of 2 cis-enantiomers, namely, (2R,4S)-(+)-KTZ and (2S,4R)-(-)-KTZ. The aims of the present study(More)
Numerous experimental studies have demonstrated the role of cytochrome P450 1B1 (CYP1B1) and its associated mid-chain hydroxyeicosatetraenoic acids (mid-chain HETEs) metabolite in the pathogenesis of(More)
Cytochrome P450 (P450)-derived arachidonic acid (AA) metabolites serve pivotal physiological roles. Therefore, it is important to determine the dominant P450 AA monooxygenases in different organs. We(More)