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Private capital formation and public investment in Sudan: testing the substitutability and complementarity hypotheses in a growth framework
The paper attempts to address the issue of complementarity and substitutability of state capital to private sector investment activities in a neoclassical growth framework. It employs a co-integrated
Private capital formation and macroeconomic policies in Sudan : application of a simple cointegrated vector autoregressive model
We investigate the impact of macroeconomic policies on private investment in Sudan employing annual data over the period 1969-1998. We focus on public investment, credit, devaluation, and interest
The Impact of Anti-Corruption Policies on the Profitability and Growth of Firms Listed in the Stock Market: Application on Singapore with a Panel Data Analysis
ABSTRACT:The study measures the impact of anti-corruption policies on the profitability and growth of firms listed in the Singapore Stock Exchange (SGX). It is the first paper that investigates the
Real exchange rate misalignment and economic growth: empirical evidence from Sudan
The real exchange rate plays a central role in sustaining macroeconomic stability. Real exchange rate misalignment is crucial to policy makers, as it determines the degree of policy intervention
The Signaling Effects and Predictive Powers of Dividend Announcements: Evidence from Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
This study examines the implications of changes in dividends in the market of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA). First, the research analyzes changes in dividends within the context of signaling
This paper examines the impact of corporate governance on firm performance using cross sectional data from non-financial companies listed in the Egyptian Stock Exchange. The 88 non-financial
The Impact of Anti-Corruption Policies on the Profitability and Growth of the Firms Listed in the Stock Market-Application on Singapore (Panel Data Analysis)
The study uses panel data regression to examine the effect of corruption on firm profitability and growth in 392 listed firms in Singapore Stock Exchange for the period 1995 to 2013. We used 2
The Impact of National Culture on Financial Crime: A Cross Country Analysis
Although laws, rules and regulations are existing, financial crimes is a widespread phenomenon. Panama Leaks has proved that people from all over the world are participating in money laundry and