Ahmed A. Ataullah

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The recent introduction of several pieces of legislation mandating minimum and maximum retention periods for corporate records has prompted the Enterprise Content Management (ECM) community to develop various records retention solutions. Records retention is a significant subfield of records management, and legal records retention requirements apply over(More)
Transactional business records are subject to a wide array of regulatory and auditing requirements. The problem of converting task specific business policies to database level constraints is challenging due to the immense complexity of corporate workflows and record lifecycles. In this paper we present a modeling framework for identifying business processes(More)
Googling Bing: Reassessing the impact of brand on the perceived quality of two contemporary search engines Given the high value of the online search market, whether brand perception or quality of search results matters more for users is a highly salient question. This paper presents findings of the largest controlled, systematic preference elicitation study(More)
— Relational databases contain a large number intertwined transaction level facts that can collectively (or independently) represent innumerable business records. In this paper we present a framework for defining business records contained in a database system as queries and then specifying retention policies over them. We also highlight several key issues(More)
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