Ahmed A. Ahmed

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—In ad-hoc wireless sensor networks, one approach for estimating the positions of sensor nodes is to use connectivity information of the network or local distance measurement. In this paper , we compare two representative methods, multilateration and MDS-MAP, and study some of their key issues that affect the performance. First, we study the various(More)
BACKGROUND Expression microarrays have evolved into a powerful tool with great potential for clinical application and therefore reliability of data is essential. RNA amplification is used when the amount of starting material is scarce, as is frequently the case with clinical samples. Purification steps are critical in RNA amplification and labelling(More)
Mast cells reside in tissues, where upon activation through the high-affinity-IgE-receptor (FcepsilonRI) they degranulate and orchestrate the allergic reaction. Mast cells survive this activation and can thus be reactivated. In this study we demonstrate that this process depends on the pro-survival gene A1. Activation of mast cells through FcepsilonRI(More)
Accurate recognition of free text keystroke dynamics is challenging due to the unstructured and sparse nature of the data and its underlying variability. As a result, most of the approaches published in the literature on free text recognition, except for one recent one, have reported extremely high error rates. In this paper, we present a new approach for(More)
This paper examines the QoS of an energy efficient cluster based routing protocol called Low-Loss Energy Aware Routing Protocol (LLEAP) in terms of network lifetime and aims some modifications on this protocol to increase its performance. Biological inspired algorithm helps to enhance the performance parameters of LLEAP. A survey on network protocols for(More)