Ahmed A. Abd El-Latif

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Recently, several cryptosystems based on chaos have been proposed. Nevertheless, most of them hinder the system performance, security, and suffer from the small key space problem. This paper introduces an efficient symmetric encryption scheme for secure digital images based on a cyclic elliptic curve and chaotic system that can overcome these disadvantages.(More)
Iris recognition plays an important role in biometrics. Until now, many scholars have made different efforts in this field. However, the recognition performances of most proposed methods degrade dramatically when the image contains some noise, which inevitably occurs during image acquisition such as reflection spots, inconsistent illumination, eyelid,(More)
In this paper, a visual secret image sharing threshold scheme based on random grids and Boolean operations with the abilities of AND and XOR decryptions is proposed. When no light-weight computation device the secret could be revealed by human visual system with no cryptographic computation based on Boolean AND operation (stacking). On the other hand, if(More)
Feature fusion-based multimodal biometrics has become an increasing interest to many researchers in recent years, particularly for finger biometrics. There are, however, many challenges in fusing multiple feature sets, as the case with Canonical Correlation Analysis (CCA) and Multi-set Canonical Correlation Analysis (MCCA). How to extend them to fuse(More)
In this paper, a visual secret sharing scheme for case (k, n) based on random noise balanced error diffusion (RNBED) is proposed. The proposed scheme satisfies (k, n) threshold, requiring no codebook design, and avoiding the pixel expansion problem. In addition, it improves existing schemes in terms of contrast and evenness, which are two important metrics(More)