Ahmadreza Rajaee

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PURPOSE Chronic otitis media surgery is the most common procedure in otology in developing countries. Subtotal and total tympanic membrane (TM) perforation with inadequate anterior remnant is associated with higher rate of graft failure. It was the goal of this study to test the anatomical and functional outcomes of a modified underlay myringoplasty(More)
BACKGROUND Tip-plasty is a particularly challenging stage of aesthetic nose surgery. The diversity of nasal tip deformities has necessitated the development of numerous surgical techniques that can be difficult to master and may yield unpredictable surgical results when combined. OBJECTIVES The authors describe how concomitant overlap steal tip-plasty(More)
A 10-month-old female presented with severe progressive wedge-shaped thickening and discoloration of all twenty nails. Further evaluations revealed palmoplantar keratoderma along with recurrent acral blisters causing residual crusted ulcers which were present during the past six months. Other findings included scalp kinky hair and dental caries. Past(More)
BACKGROUND Filler materials are gaining popularity in nonsurgical rhinoplasty the major advantages are the ability to camouflage the surface deformities, and also the soft and malleable consistency; while the major drawback of the safe fillers such as hyaluronic acid is short durability. In this study, we evaluated the injectable cartilage shaving as an(More)
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