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  • Ahmad Yasin
  • 2014 IEEE International Symposium on Performance…
  • 2014
Optimizing an application's performance for a given microarchitecture has become painfully difficult. Increasing microarchitecture complexity, workload diversity, and the unmanageable volume of data produced by performance tools increase the optimization challenges. At the same time resource and time constraints get tougher with recently emerged segments.(More)
Exponential growth of digital data has introduced massively-parallel systems, special orchestration layers, and new scale-out applications. While recent works suggest characteristics of scale-out workloads are different from those of traditional ones, their root causes are not understood. Such understanding is extremely important to improve efficiency; even(More)
Imperceptibility or quality for digital image watermarking represents one of the most important requirements for any digital watermarking system. Many studies try to enhance the quality by using different techniques and methods. In this study, Genetic Algorithm (GA) method is used to embed two bits of watermarking data within every pixel of original image(More)
We propose a hybrid management model to address heterogeneous data center energy efficiency with highly dynamic workload. A central dispatch and control algorithm with distributed system energy management was implemented and validated on real processor and system. We demonstrate up to 20% energy savings (11% average) without compromising quality of service.(More)
Skylake's core, processor graphics, and system on chip were designed to meet a demanding set of requirements for a wide range of power-performance points. Its coherent fabric was designed to provide high-memory bandwidth from multiple memory sources. Skylake's power management, which includes Intel Speed Shift technology, was designed to provide the largest(More)
The rapid evolution in data transmission by the wide use of the internet, as provided an urgent need to prevent penetration and maintain the confidentiality of this data through the applying of some techniques to hide data within the carrier for example, text, image, audio and Video. A variety of image watermarking techniques have been published in the last(More)
Modern superscalar CPUs contain large complex structures and diverse execution units, consuming wide dynamic power range. Building a power delivery network for the worst-case power consumption is not energy efficient and often is impossible to fit in small systems. Instantaneous power excursions can cause voltage droops. Power management algorithms are too(More)
A detailed analysis of power consumption at low system levels becomes important as a means for reducing the overall power consumption of a system and its thermal hot spots. This work presents a new power estimation method that allows understanding the power breakdown of an application when running on modern processor architecture such as the newly released(More)
Understanding the performance of large, complex enterprise-class applications is an important, yet nontrivial task. Methods using hardware performance counters, such as profiling through event-based sampling, are often favored over instrumentation for analyzing such large codes, but rarely provide good accuracy at the instruction level. This work evaluates(More)