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Soil erosion is the most important reason of sedimentation load of water reservoirs in the world. In Pakistan, Mangla dam is one of the most important water reservoirs used for the production of electricity and for the supply of water for irrigation purposes. However, the capacity of Mangla dam reservoir has reduced by more than 20% since its construction.(More)
BACKGROUND Research experiences early in the medical student's education are an important factor for attracting a greater number of doctors to careers with a research component. OBJECTIVE To determine the factors contributing to a lack of enthusiasm about research activities among medical students, and to suggest ways to help students develop an interest(More)
The aim of cloud computing is to deliver on-demand services to its users with guarantee of scalability, availability and reliability. These services have a variety that may include simple and complex software, infrastructure and architecture. It may vary according to the Cloud Service Provider (CSP) and the service license agreement (SLA) with Cloud Client.(More)
This research paper aims to explore the underlying cloud computing architectures with respect to security and auditing services. As most of the standards have not been defined yet for cloud computing, academic and industrial researchers are participating with their ideas and proofs. We have surveyed and classified the available cloud computing architectures(More)
This paper presents a novel combinational phonetic algorithm for Sindhi Language, to be used in developing Sindhi Spell Checker which has yet not been developed prior to this work. The compound textual forms and glyphs of Sindhi language presents a substantial challenge for developing Sindhi spell checker system and generating similar suggestion list for(More)
Cloud computing has emerged as paradigm for hosting and delivering services over the Internet. It is evolved as a key computing platform for delivering on-demand resources that include infrastructures, software, applications, and business processes. Mostly, clouds are deployed in a way that they are often isolated from each other. These implementations(More)
Character rigging is a process of endowing a character with a set of custom manipulators and controls making it easy to animate by the animators. These controls consist of simple joints, handles, or even separate character selection windows. This research paper present an automated rigging system for quadruped characters with custom controls and(More)
Cloud computing has been emerged as cost-effective solution to organizations for renting resources. The prime objective is to deliver on-demand resources over the Internet. In this paper, we have implemented the architecture for resource sharing between clouds (ReSA) to connect different clouds that may be under different rule, policies, management and(More)