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AIM To assess parental perceptions and beliefs about asthma in children. METHODS We invited 6000 children aged 3 to 15 years from different schools in Lebanon to participate in the study from September 2007 to May 2008. In the first phase, in order to determine the prevalence of asthma in children, parents of all participating children filled out a small(More)
BACKGROUND Mass urinary screening is a useful tool to identify children with asymptomatic progressive renal diseases. A dipstick urinalysis screening was conducted to detect such prevalence and to set up a more effective screening program for children. PATIENTS AND METHODS A cross sectional study was carried out in seven nurseries and primary schools in(More)
OBJECTIVE The prevalence of multiple sclerosis (MS) in Lebanon is unknown, as there are no available or reliable epidemiological studies to date. The circumstances of Middle East countries are different from those of Europe and North America in terms of differential diagnoses and disease management. The aim of the conference is to establish guidelines for(More)
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