Ahmad Shariftabrizi

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The Matrix metalloproteinas-9 functional promoter polymorphism 1562C>T may be considered an important genetic determinant of early-onset coronary artery disease (ECAD). In this study, association between MMP-9 1562C>T allele with plasma MMP-9 activity, homocysteine and lipid–lipoproteins level and ECAD in Iranian subjects was investigated. This case–control(More)
Identification of the cellular and molecular aspects of lung cancer stem cells (LCSCs) that are suggested to be the main culprit of tumor initiation, maintenance, drug resistance, and relapse is a prerequisite for targeted therapy of lung cancer. In the current study, LCSCs subpopulation of A549 cells was enriched, and after characterization of the spheroid(More)
We have refined the technique for isolating and propagating cultures of primary ovarian carcinosarcoma cells (OSCs) derived from ascites, which allowed the cells to obtain the biphasic features of carcinosarcoma in cell culture conditions (presence of both carcinoma and mesenchymal morphologic types). This protocol involves a simple yet rapid method for the(More)
Ovarian cancer remains the most common cause of gynecologic cancer-related death among women in developed countries. Nevertheless, subgroups of ovarian cancer patients experience relatively longer survival. Efforts to identify prognostic factors that characterize such patients are ongoing, with investigational areas including tumor characteristics, surgical(More)
Hairy cell leukemia/lymphoma (HCL) is a rare B-cell neoplasm primarily involving spleen, bone marrow, and blood. However, other sites of primary involvement do occur and can present a diagnostic and therapeutic challenge. We present an unusual case of HCL involving predominantly the breast that was diagnosed as an incidental finding during an elective(More)
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