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Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) is becoming the architectural style of choice in many enterprises that adopt the notion of business process architecture. This suggests the need for a systematic and unified approach to generate a service model from a given organizational business process architecture. This paper presents a generic framework called(More)
Wireless sensor networks (WSNs) have gained a lot of attention in both public and research communities. One issue in wireless sensor networks is achieving efficient operation because of the limited available power. Many Heuristics were designed to enhance power reservoir of sensors and maximize their life time. Online Maximum Lifetime heuristics (OML) and(More)
Modelling business processes using BPMN has been emerging as the preferred choice for organisations seeking to enact their business processes in service-oriented environments. However, a number of organisations have their business processes modelled using Role Activity Diagramming, RAD. In this research, we introduce a new approach to translating RAD(More)
Leader election algorithms solve the instability problem in the network which is caused by leader failure .In this paper, we propose a new leader election algorithm in two dimensional torus networks. The algorithm aims to elect one node to be a new leader. The new leader is identified by some characteristics not in the other nodes in the network. When the(More)
Over the past years, researchers drew their attention to propose optoelectronic architectures, including optical transpose interconnection system (OTIS) networks. On the other hand, there are limited attempts devoted to design parallel algorithms for applications that could be mapped on such optoelectronic architectures. Thus, exploiting the attractive(More)