Ahmad Shajari

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Although studies support a positive correlation between temperature and stone risk, the precise relationship between these factors has not been elucidated. We modeled the current distribution of urolithiasis prevalence in Iran using 26 bioclimatic, climatic and topographic variables based on two multivariate linear regression models in geographical(More)
INTRODUCTION Recent studies have suggested theophylline for prevention of kidney dysfunction in asphyxia. This study was designed to determine whether theophylline could prevent or ameliorate kidney dysfunction in term neonates with perinatal asphyxia. MATERIALS AND METHODS We assigned 36 severely asphyxiated term infants (Apgar score < or =5) into 2(More)
Vitamin D is an essential hormone for growth and development of bones in children. There is a lot of evidence for deficiency of this vitamin in Middle East females. This study conduct to find a way to combat deficiency in girls during rapid growth phase of puberty in academic year. One hundred and two Middle School girls who had not consumed any vitamins(More)
Urolithiasis is one of the commonest problems in pediatric nephrology. Prevalence of urolithiasis in pediatric patients is increasing. The purpose was to properly diagnose and treat with the special attention to the risk factors. This study is case-series and was performed on 100 pediatric patients for evaluation of clinical manifestation and etiology of(More)
Despite an increasing prevalence of obesity and hypertension in young age, there is limited information on the contribution of body mass index (BMI) to blood pressure (BP) in these populations, especially in developing countries. This study examines the association between BMI and BP in four populations of school age children across southern region of(More)
According to its superficial anatomical location, the thyroid gland is easily accessible by sonography. Sonography allows an exact documentation of the size and thyroid volume. The relationship between thyroid volume and anthropometric characteristics is a matter of controversy. The aim of this study was to investigate thyroid volume and its determinants in(More)
Procedural sedation may be needed in many diagnostic and therapeutic procedures in children. To make pediatric procedural sedation as safe as possible, protocols should be developed by institutions. Response to sedation in children is highly variable, while some become deeply sedated after minimal doses, others may need much higher doses. Child(More)
OBJECTIVE In the pilot Iran school screening programme, the minimal cost of screening dipstick urinalysis in 1601 asymptomatic school children was determined. METHODS The cost of screening dipstick urinalysis was calculated by reviewing the literature for the prevalence of asymptomatic proteinuria, hematuria, bacteriuria, and glucosuria determined by an(More)
OBJECTIVE To compare efficacy and safety of chloral hydrate (CH), chloral hydrate and promethazine (CH + P) and chloral hydrate and hydroxyzine (CH + H) in electroencephalography (EEG) sedation. METHODS In a parallel single-blinded randomized clinical trial, ninety 1-7 y-old uncooperative kids who were referred to Pediatric Neurology Clinic of Shahid(More)
Acute glomerulonephritis (AGN) is a type of renal disease which indicates the inflammation of glomerulus and nephrons. This study was carried on 94 children, <15 years old with the diagnosis of AGN who were admitted to Qom and Yazd's hospitals between 2000 and 2006. Data were collected using hospital records on admission, progression notes and outpatient(More)