Ahmad Sadeghi Yazdankhah

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Environmental, economical and technical benefits of photovoltaic (PV) systems make them to be used in many countries. The main characteristic of PV systems is the fluctuations of their output power. Hence, high penetration of PV systems into electric network could be detrimental to overall system performance. Furthermore, the fluctuations in the output(More)
This paper presents a vector control direct (FOC) of double fed induction generator intended to control the generated stator powers. This device is intended to be implemented in a variable-speed wind-energy conversion system connected to the grid. In order to control the active and reactive power exchanged between the machine stator and the grid, the rotor(More)
In this paper, current controller, active and reactive power controller and voltage-frequency controller are designed for inverter-interfaced distributed generation (DG) system. Inverter-interfaced DG is modeled as a three phase full-bridge IGBT voltage source inverter. Tracking performance and disturbance rejection capability of the proposed controllers(More)
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