Ahmad Reza Mohtadi

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The aim of the present study was to compare lead accumulation and tolerance among heavy metal hyperaccumulating and non-hyperaccumulating metallophytes. To this purpose, we compared Pb tolerance and accumulation in hydroponics among calamine and non-calamine populations of Silene vulgaris, Noccaea caerulescens, and Matthiola flavida. We established the(More)
We previously compared metallicolous (M) and non-metallicolous (NM) populations of Noccaea (=Thlaspi) caerulescens, Silene vulgaris, and Matthiola flavida for their abilities to tolerate and (hyper)-accumulate lead (Pb) in hydroponics. In the present study we aimed 1) to check the hyperaccumulation and tolerance abilities of these populations in controlled(More)
Root and shoot lead concentrations and the impact of chelating agents on these were investigated in two populations of the novel metallophyte Matthiola flavida. Plants were exposed in hydroponics to Pb(NO3)2, supplied alone, or in combination with citric acid, or EDDS. When supplied at concentrations expected to bind about 95% of the Pb in a solution(More)
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