Ahmad Noraziah

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Cloud computing is fundamentally altering the expectations for how and when computing, storage and networking resources should be allocate, managed, consume and allow user to utilize services globally. Due to the powerful computing and storage, high availability and security, easy accessibility and adaptability, reliable scalability and interoperability,(More)
Reliability, efficiency (in term of time consumption) and effectiveness in resources utilization are the desired quality attributes of Cloud Scheduling System, the main purpose of which is to execute jobs optimally, i.e. with minimum average waiting, turnaround and response time. Replication provides improved availability, decreased bandwidth use, increased(More)
Frequent Pattern Tree (FP-Tree) is a compact data structure of representing frequent itemsets. The construction of FP-Tree is very important prior to frequent patterns mining. However, there have been too limited efforts specifically focused on constructing FP-Tree data structure beyond from its original database. In typical FP-Tree construction, besides(More)