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The effects of selenium (Se) on plant growth under drought stress and in the presence of micronutrients are yet to be investigated. Hence, in a field experiment in 2007 the effects of Se and micronutrients including iron (Fe), zinc (Zn), copper (Cu), manganese (Mn), boron (B) and molybdenum (Mo) were evaluated on corn (Zea mays L.) grain yield under drought(More)
In a prospective hospital-based cohort study, we addressed the question of severity and outcome of antidepressant poisonings in patients who attended the Loghman-Hakim Hospital Poison Center, the only national center in Tehran dedicated for detoxification. The aim of the study was to find out if tricyclic antidepressant (TCA) intoxications require more(More)
In this paper, the level control of coupled tanks is investigated. We developed a radial basis function neural networks based on sliding mode for control of coupled tanks system. In this study we used sliding surface and generalized learning rule to eliminate jacobain problem in adaptive neural networks controllers. The simulation results show that the(More)
In this paper, a new structure possessing the advantages of low-power consumption, less hardware and high-speed is proposed for fuzzy controller. The maximum output delay for general fuzzy logic controllers (FLC) is about 86 ns corresponding to 11.63 MFLIPS (fuzzy logic inference per second) while this amount of the delay in the designed fuzzy controller(More)
Welch & Peers (1963) used a root-information prior to obtain posterior probabilities for a scalar parameter exponential model and showed that these Bayes probabilities had the confidence property to second order asymptotically. An important undercurrent of this indicates that the constant information reparameterization provides location model structure, for(More)
Self-determination theory is a general theory of human motivation and personality, emphasizing the dialectical relationships between growth-oriented human beings and social contexts that facilitate or impede people's motivation to actualize their potentials. The three main factors that consist this theory are autonomy, competence, and relatedness improving(More)
Introduction: Nowadays, one of the most important questions in teaching and learning involves increasing the degree of students’ engagement in learning. According to Astin’s Theory of Student engagement, the best learning environment is one in which it is possible to increase students’ engagement. The current study investigates the influences that using(More)
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