Ahmad Mushtaq

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The metallic cation, (68)Ga (III) is suitable for complexation with chelators either naked or conjugated with biological macromolecules, however, such labeling procedure requires high chemical purity and concentrated solutions of (68)Ga (III), which cannot be sufficiently fulfilled by the presently available (68)Ge/(68)Ga generator eluate. A method to(More)
UNLABELLED Many groups have reported the adsorption or retention of (99m)Tc-radiopharmaceuticals on injection vials and disposable plastic syringes. Such an enormously high loss of radioactivity would result in poor images, radiation exposure, waste, and economic burdens. We therefore decided to investigate the extent of adsorption or retention of several(More)
Yttrium-90, produced by irradiating Y2O3 (15 mg) in the Pakistan Research Reactor (PARR-I) at a flux of approximately 1.5x10(14) neutrons/cm2/s, was used to prepare yttrium-90 hydroxyapatite particles for radiosynovectomy applications. The irradiated material was dissolved in concentrated hydrochloric acid, evaporated and taken up in distilled water. The(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the potential of medicinal plants used in traditional healing in Pakistan to inhibit the glycation process. This may be useful in combatting diabetes mellitus and its complications. METHODS The in vitro antiglycation activity of 10 medicinal plants was examined by testing the ability of the extracts to inhibit the(More)
Fission molybdenum-99 based technetium-99m chromatography generators are the most widely employed generator systems in the field of diagnostic nuclear medicine. In the first week these generators provide high specific volume activity Na99mTcO4, but in the second week the radioactive concentration of the eluate (99mTc) becomes 17% of that at the beginning of(More)
In recent years, much effort has been concentrated on the use of beta-emitting radionuclides for the treatment of various cancers. The reports suggested the application of 186Re and 153Sm as radiotherapeutic radionuclides for the treatment of palliative widespread skeletal metastases, whereas 166Ho was suggested as an agent for radiation synovectomy. Hence,(More)
BACKGROUND This paper describes a simple and inexpensive post-elution anion exchange cartridge system for the concentration of 99mTcO4-/188ReO4-. METHOD AND RESULTS The system is based on generator elution with a mixture of 0.7 M acetic acid and 0.0225 M sodium chloride instead of physiological saline to provide high specific volume solutions of 99mTc and(More)