Ahmad Munir Che Muhamed

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This study was designed to quantify and compare Electromyographic activity (EMG) and applied load in quadriceps muscle within performing high intensity knee extension exercises by Elastic Resistance (ER) and Nautilus Machine (NM). Sixteen male and female subjects (22.4 ± 4.7 yrs) completed 8 RM seated knee extension by NM, elastic tubing with original(More)
This study examines the effects of Ramadan fasting on various psycho-physiological measures during submaximal exercise, under real-world ecologically valid conditions. Eleven Muslim men performed a 30-min continuous running on a treadmill at intensity 65 % VO2max in the Ramadan fasted (RAM) and non-fasted (or Control, CON) state, on two separate occasions(More)
Menstruation is associated with significant unpleasantness, and wearing a sanitary napkin (SN) during menses causes discomfort. In addition, many Muslim women use a thick type of SN during menses due to the religious requirement that even disposable SNs be washed before disposal. Therefore, the objective of this study was to measure the physiological and(More)
We evaluated feasibility of physical activity measurement by accelerometry among older Malay adults living in semi-rural areas in Malaysia. Results showed that 95% of 146 participants (aged [SD] 67.6 [6.4] years) were compliant in wearing the accelerometer for at least five days. Fifteen participants were asked for re-wear the accelerometer because they did(More)
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