Ahmad Mohtadi

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The aim of the present study was to compare lead accumulation and tolerance among heavy metal hyperaccumulating and non-hyperaccumulating metallophytes. To this purpose, we compared Pb tolerance and accumulation in hydroponics among calamine and non-calamine populations of Silene vulgaris, Noccaea caerulescens, and Matthiola flavida. We established the(More)
We previously compared metallicolous (M) and non-metallicolous (NM) populations of Noccaea (=Thlaspi) caerulescens, Silene vulgaris, and Matthiola flavida for their abilities to tolerate and (hyper)-accumulate lead (Pb) in hydroponics. In the present study we aimed 1) to check the hyperaccumulation and tolerance abilities of these populations in controlled(More)
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