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The Direct and Indirect Effects of Environmental Factors on Nurturing Intellectual Giftedness.
Many people believe that environmental factors promote giftedness and invest in many programs to adopt gifted students providing them with challenging activities. Intellectual giftedness is foundedExpand
An investigation of teachers' attitudes towards parental involvement
Parental involvement has been advocated as a strong indictor to the academic achievement of a child. A growing body of literature indicates that parental involvement has very positive effects onExpand
Gifted' Teachers Stages of Concerns for Integrating E-Learning in the Gifted Schools in Jordan.
No study has investigated the gifted' teachers stages of concerns for integrating e-learning in their teaching. Expand
The Information Aged: Examination of University Students' Attitudes towards Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs) Usage in Terms of Gender, Age and School Variables.
A quantitative design was utilised to examine university students’ attitudes towards the use of PDAs for learning purposes. Expand
Enhancing Creative Thinking through Designing Electronic Slides
During the shifting of teaching and learning methods using computer technologies, much emphasis was paid on the knowledge content more than the thinking skills. Thus, this study investigated theExpand
A Review of the Contemporary Concepts of Giftedness and Talent
Gifted, talented, precocious, high aptitude, high achieving, and creative are all terms used to designate children of high ability, skills, or performance. There is no agreement about one definitionExpand
Comparing Academically Gifted and Non-Gifted Students' Supportive Environments in Jordan.
1834 Abstract—Jordan exerts many efforts to nurture their academically gifted students in special schools since 2001. During the past nine years of launching these schools, their learning andExpand