Ahmad M. Salah

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Methanol, ethylacetate and aqueous extracts of Ruellia praetermissa initiated spontaneous contractions in the quiescent and increased contraction on the electrically stimulated ileal strip at a concentration of 30 microg/ml. The extracts produced concentration-related contractions both in amplitude and tone up till 750 microg/ml with IC(50) of 360 microg/ml(More)
The methanol extracts of Hibiscus sabdariffa (p < 0.01) showed a significant dose dependent relaxant effect (IC50) = 350 microM) on rat ileal strip comparable to the effect shown by nifedipin and papaverine as reference compounds. Similarly, the extract when administered intraperitoneally significantly (p < 0.05-0.01) reduced the intestinal transit(More)
In order to upgrade the UV-protection and antibacterial functional properties of cotton/polyester (80/20), cotton/linen (50/50) and linen/viscose-polyester (50/50) fabric blends, they were treated with different plasma gases (oxygen, air, and argon) followed by subsequent treatment with certain metal salts namely Zn-acetate, Cu-acetate, Al-chloride, and(More)
In search for alternative drugs with pharmacological profile to replace hormone replacement therapy, the effects of MeOH extract of Ruellia praetermissa on the uterus and gestation in rats was investigated. 350 mg/kg/day of extract from days 1-9, 1-17 and 9-17 respectively, resulted in increase of the number of implantation sites (56 to 64) and the(More)
Simple mass balance techniques can be used to build a zero-dimensional model for a fresh water reservoir to quantify the amount of water and certain pollutants flowing into and out of the system. Yet, great uncertainty is involved in the environmental and hydrological factors related to a reservoir and it is useful to build a model that incorporates(More)
Long term hydrological simulation is of major importance to water resources engineers and decision makers. The existence of long term model input data does not always guarantee successful and reliable outcome. In this regard, there are some technical concerns facing water resources engineers in m odeling Nile basin watersheds. Some of t hese technical(More)
Innovative/efficient finishing systems for imparting multi-functional properties to cotton/polyester and viscose/polyester blends were developed. Factors affecting the extent of functionalization including type and concentration of the nano-hybrid, i.e. silver nanoparticles/polyvinyl pyrolidone hybrid (Ag-NP's/PVP) or zinc oxide nanoparticles/hyperbranched(More)
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