Ahmad Khawaji

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This article presents a framework of adaptive, measurable decision making for Multiple Attribute Decision Making (MADM) by varying decision factors in their types, numbers, and values. Under this framework, decision making is measured using physiological sensors such as Galvanic Skin Response (GSR) and eye-tracking while users are subjected to varying(More)
User's confidence in machine learning (ML) based decision making significantly affects acceptability of ML techniques. In this work, we investigate how uncertainty/correlation affects user's confidence in order to design effective user interface for ML-based intelligent systems. A user study was performed and we found that revealing of correlation helped(More)
This study examines how different behaviours can affect trust in the text-chat environment. We designed two automated chat systems: one behaves cooperatively and the other behaves competitively. Thirty subjects participated in this study and the results revealed that the trust of subjects who chatted with a cooperative partner was significantly higher than(More)
Exchanging text messages via software on smart phones and computers has recently become one of the most popular ways for people to communicate and accomplish their tasks. However, there are negative aspects to using this kind of software, for example, it has been found that people communicating in the text-chat environment may experience a lack of trust and(More)
This paper examines how different levels of cognitive load can affect trust in the text-chat environment. It also examines how the mouse movements of participants can indicate the level of cognitive load when they chat with each other. We designed two chat systems: one in which subjects chat under low mental load and the other in which subjects chat under(More)
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