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The grouping of pixels based on some similarity criteria is called image segmentation. In this paper the problem of color image segmentation is considered as a clustering problem and a fixed length genetic algorithm (GA) is used to handle it. The effectiveness of GA depends on the objective function (fitness function) and the initialization of the(More)
In patients undergoing hemodialysis, catheter-related bacteremia results in expensive hospitalizations. In our study, the mean cost was $23,451 per hospitalization. When itemized, housing ("bed-related") costs accounted for 66% of the total; laboratory costs accounted for 4%, radiologic costs accounted for 9%, and procedure-related costs accounted for 21%.(More)
Image segmentation is an important low-level vision task. It is a perceptual grouping of pixels based on some similarity criteria. In this paper, a new differential evolution (DE) algorithm, modified adaptive differential evolution, is proposed for color image segmentation. The DE/current-to-pbest mutation strategy with optional external archive and(More)
Emphysematous pyelonephritis is characterized by infection and gas formation in the renal parenchyma. This rare disorder tends to occur more frequently in patients with diabetes mellitus and urinary tract obstruction. In this case report, we describe a nondiabetic patient with Hinman syndrome who developed recurrent emphysematous pyelonephritis that was(More)
Bacterial wilt caused by Ralstonia solanacearum is the most destructive disease of plants. Fifty-seven isolates of R. solanacearum causing wilt on different host plants viz., tomato (Solanum lycopersicum), brinjal (S. melongena), potato (S. tuberosum), bird of paradise (Strelitzia reginae), ginger (Zingiber officinale), chili (Capsicum annuum), capsicum(More)
In this letter, we assemble a new substitution box (S-box) using fractional linear transformation of a particular type and analyze proposed box for different analysis such as Strict Avalanche Criterion (SAC), Bit Independent Criterion (BIC), differential approximation probability (DP), linear approximation probability (LP) and nonlinearity. Further, we(More)
increase in the acceptability of fieldbus solutions for process automation needs. While the underlying reasons for this trend include rapid advancements in the fields of digital communication and microprocessor technologies, the end result is that the traditional boundaries between centralized control systems and devices in the field have disappeared. In(More)
Owing to the revolution in information technology, the face of the contemporary workplace has changed and systems have been made more effective by introducing new techniques. Majority of the organizations have now understood the importance of information storage and retrieval. In this paper, we focus on how modern technology is helping in ensuring(More)
Plants from the start are being used for the welfare of human and animals. About 25,000 biological active compounds are reported by different scientists. Plants itself are a complete treatment bioagent. People are still using plants and their decoction for different diseases. Saussurea lappa Clarke is the member of family Compositae. This plant is famous(More)