Ahmad Khader Haboush

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This paper discusses the multiple node disjoint paths protocol (MNDP) for mobile ad hoc networks. A mobile ad hoc network is a collection of mobile nodes that cooperate without networking infrastructure so as to form a temporary network that meets some immediate needs. The MNDP protocol detects multiple paths and distributes transmitted packets over these(More)
— This Matching input keywords with historical or information domain is an important point in modern computations in order to find the best match information domain for specific input queries. Matching algorithms represents hot area of researches in computer science and artificial intelligence. In the area of text matching, it is more reliable to study(More)
Companies currently use product lines to enhance products qualities and to lower the development and marketing costs. Many approaches available to support product lines, but most of them fail to address safety critical requirements in their approaches. In this paper we present DOPLER + , an approach to handle safety critical system requirements and the(More)
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