Ahmad Karim

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The rapid development of smartphone technologies have resulted in the evolution of mobile botnets. The implications of botnets have inspired attention from the academia and the industry alike, which includes vendors, investors, hackers, and researcher community. Above all, the capability of botnets is uncovered through a wide range of malicious activities,(More)
Mobile botnet phenomenon is gaining popularity among malware writers in order to exploit vulnerabilities in smartphones. In particular, mobile botnets enable illegal access to a victim's smartphone, can compromise critical user data and launch a DDoS attack through Command and Control (C&C). In this article, we propose a static analysis approach, DeDroid,(More)
—Vehicular communication requires vehicles to self-organize through the exchange of periodic beacons. Recent analysis on beaconing indicates that the standards for beaconing restrict the desired performance of vehicular applications. This situation can be attributed to the quality of the available transmission medium, persistent change in the traffic(More)
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