Ahmad Izani Mohamed Ismail

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Advances in life sciences that are predicted in the 21st century will present many challenges for health professionals and policy-makers. The major questions will be how to allocate resources to pay for costs of new technologies and who will best benefit from advances in new diagnostic and treatment methods. We review in this paper the concept of utility(More)
Over 500 residents of Tecumseh, Michigan, were dentially examined in 1959 as part of a community-wide health study. In 1987, the dental examinations were repeated, with use of the same criteria as in 1959, for 167 dentate persons from the original group. Another 28 reported by telephone that they had become edentulous since 1959. This report uses a(More)
The purpose of this study was to measure the prevalence and distribution of root caries in two New Mexico communities. One community, Deming, had a natural fluoride concentration of 0.7 mg/L in its drinking water, optimum for its climate. The other, Lordsburg, was naturally fluoridated at 3.5 mg/L, five times the optimum. Dental examinations were carried(More)
This historical review of dental caries diagnosis and management is based on information obtained from reports published between 1839 and 1965 and forty textbooks on caries diagnosis and management published since the nineteenth century. The history of understanding of any disease or condition in humans has passed through two distinct eras. The first, which(More)
The Southwestern portion of the Hispanic Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (HHANES) was conducted by the National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS) in 1982 and 1983. The survey population was Mexican-Americans residing in five Southwestern states. This report presents data on the prevalence of total tooth loss, dental caries, and periodontal(More)
This paper describes the prevalence of destructive periodontal disease, in two samples of New Mexico adults, examined in two separate studies 26 years apart, by analyzing the occurrence of advanced loss of periodontal attachment (7.0 or more mm) in relation to selected dental and social factors. The first group comprised 1976 dentate adults aged 17-46 yr(More)
ABSTrACT We studied the problem of heat transfer for Falkner-Skan boundary layer flow past a stationary wedge with momentum and thermal slip boundary conditions and the temperature dependent thermal conductivity. The governing partial differential equations for the physical situation are converted into a set of ordinary differential equations using scaling(More)