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In this paper, a globally distortion optimal solution is proposed for FPP. The method, which is applicable to any source with arbitrary distortion-rate characteristics, has quadratic complexity in N, where N is the number of transmitted packets. It is based on constructing a search trellis in which trellis levels represent the number of packets, trellis(More)
Summery A fixed-packet optimal joint source channel coding scheme for transmission of progressive images over Rayleigh channels is proposed. A first order Markov model is used in rate allocation problem to concern channel temporal variations during image transmission. Also, introducing a modification on the used progressive coding scheme, the requirement(More)
An efficient rate allocation algorithm for the progressive transmission of multiple images over time-varying noisy channels is proposed. The algorithm is initiated by the distortion optimal solution [1] for the first image and searches for the optimal rate-allocation for each subsequent image in the neighborhood of the solution for the previous image. Given(More)
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