Ahmad Hatam

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In this paper, a globally distortion optimal solution is proposed for FPP. The method, which is applicable to any source with arbitrary distortion-rate characteristics, has quadratic complexity in N, where N is the number of transmitted packets. It is based on constructing a search trellis in which trellis levels represent the number of packets, trellis(More)
Summery A fixed-packet optimal joint source channel coding scheme for transmission of progressive images over Rayleigh channels is proposed. A first order Markov model is used in rate allocation problem to concern channel temporal variations during image transmission. Also, introducing a modification on the used progressive coding scheme, the requirement(More)
An efficient rate allocation algorithm for the progressive transmission of multiple images over time-varying noisy channels is proposed. The algorithm is initiated by the distortion optimal solution [1] for the first image and searches for the optimal rate-allocation for each subsequent image in the neighborhood of the solution for the previous image. Given(More)
With the growth of digital technology over the past decades, the issue of copyright protection has become especially important. Digital watermarking is a suitable way of addressing this issue. The main problem in the area of watermarking, is the balance between image transparency and resistance to attacks after watermarking, where an increase in either one(More)
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