Ahmad Ghasemloonia

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To establish the design requirements for an MR-compatible haptic hand-controller, this paper measures magnitudes and frequency bands of three mechanical motion and interaction components during the performance of neurosurgical tasks on a cadaveric brain. The hand-controller would allow the performance of virtual neurosurgical tasks within the bore of a high(More)
The majority of head and neck cancers arise from the oral cavity and oropharynx. Many of these lesions will be amenable to surgical resection using transoral approaches including transoral robotic surgery (TORS). To develop and control TORS tools, precise dimensions of the oral cavity and pharynx are desirable. CT angiograms of 76 patients were analyzed.(More)
A nonlinear three-dimensional bond graph-based shaft model is presented, in which axial, torsional, and lateral vibrations can be predicted along with contact with external objects. Rigid lumped segments with six degrees of freedom are connected by axial, torsional, shear, and bending springs to approximate continuous system response. Parasitic springs and(More)
OBJECTIVES This article presents a quantitative technique to assess motion quality and smoothness during the performance of micromanipulation tasks common to surgical maneuvers. The objective is to investigate the effectiveness of the jerk index, a derivative of acceleration with respect to time, as a kinetostatic measure for assessment of surgical(More)
Surgical training is evolving from an observership model towards a new paradigm that includes virtual-reality (VR) simulation. In otolaryngology, temporal bone dissection has become intimately linked with VR simulation as the complexity of anatomy demands a high level of surgeon aptitude and confidence. While an adequate 3D visualization of the surgical(More)
The contact behavior of drillstring and wellbore is of great concern to drilling companies in the oil and mineral exploration industries. Due to the nonlinear, random motion of the drillstring in contact with the wellbore, it is difficult to predict the response of the drillstring. Successive contacts of wellbore and drillstring will result in fatigue(More)
This study reports vibration profiles of neuronal cells and tissues as well as brain tumor and neocortical specimens. A contact-free method and analysis protocol was designed to convert an atomic force microscope into an ultra-sensitive microphone with capacity to record and listen to live biological samples. A frequency of 3.4 Hz was observed for both(More)
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