Ahmad Faisal Amri Abidin

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Grid computing has recently migrated from traditional high performance and distributed computing to pervasive and utility computing based on the advanced capabilities of the wireless networks and the lightweight, thin devices. This has as result the emergence of a new computing paradigm which is the Mobile Grid. This paper presents the simulation results in(More)
World Wide Web is important tool to web users. This tool enables the web users gain information about education, entertainment, etc. In this research, we investigate the issue for data access to heterogeneous data sources. Web query processing is issue for access the heterogeneous data sources. In this research, new architecture for improving web query(More)
Chaos has attracted much attention in the field of Cryptography due to its deterministic nature and its sensitivity to initial values. Such property means that Chaos has certain potential in creating a new way of securing important information to be transmitted or stored. This research using the simplest logistic map in order to develop the Chaotic Regime(More)
A mobile ad-hoc network (MANET) is a collection of self configuring mobile devices, capable of moving randomly and connected through wireless physical medium without having any fixed infrastructure. All the nodes in a MANET act both as a router and as a host. However, in today's scenario the biggest challenge in MANET is to reduce energy consumption(More)
The Hill cipher is the first polygraph cipher which has some advantages in symmetric data encryption. However, it is vulnerable to known plaintext attack. Another setback is that an invertible key matrix is needed for decryption and it is not suitable for encrypting a plaintext consisting of zeroes. The objective of this work is to modify the existing Hill(More)
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