Ahmad Elbadawi

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Rapid structural and functional alterations have been noted in several models of partial outlet obstruction. To better characterize the rapid progression of alterations, the partially obstructed urinary bladders of mature NZW male rabbits were studied at 1, 3, 5, 7 and 14 days of outlet obstruction with respect to muscarinic receptor density, DNA, RNA,(More)
Little information on the structural norm of the aging detrusor is currently available. To gain insight into the pathophysiology of geriatric voiding dysfunction, detrusor biopsies were examined by electron microscopy to identify structural correlates of specific, urodynamically defined abnormalities of vesical function in 35 elderly subjects. Prospective(More)
Several aspects of the pathogenesis of voiding dysfunction in bladder outlet obstruction remain unresolved. The structural basis of obstructive versus nonobstructive dysfunction was investigated in a prospective ultrastructural/urodynamic study of 35 elderly subjects of comparable age. Detrusor structure was examined by electron microscopy, with blinded(More)
PURPOSE Previous ultrastructural and clinical studies have established criteria for distinctive ultrastructural patterns in the normal, overactive, hypocontractile and obstructed detrusor of the elderly. This study was conducted to standardize procedures of detrusor biopsy processing, identify and address pitfalls and difficulties in applying the criteria(More)
PURPOSE We standardize procedures for ultrastructural study of detrusor smooth muscle and intrinsic nerves in neurogenic bladder dysfunction in the human, and present an overview of the findings. MATERIALS AND METHODS The study included 18 female and 33 male patients 7 to 96 years old. They had neurogenic bladder dysfunction with hyperreflexia for less(More)
Detrusor overactivity in the absence of outlet obstruction is common in the elderly. The few available studies on structure of the overactive detrusor generally have dealt only with its innervation. We conducted a prospective study to examine the ultrastructure of muscle cells, interstitium and nerves of the detrusor in biopsies from 35 elderly subjects to(More)
Incontinence at any age is abnormal but, wrongfully, is often neglected or dismissed as a natural component of growing old by physicians or the older subjects themselves. Geriatric incontinence can rarely be attributed to a single cause [150]. Like incontinence at a younger age, it has established causes related to the lower urinary tract. Additional(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine the clinical applicability of ultrasound-guided detrusor biopsy from the anterior bladder wall and to assess whether it is as representative and as sufficient for determining detrusor ultrastructure as the traditional transurethral biopsy from the lateral bladder wall. MATERIALS AND METHODS The detrusor structure in 22 biopsies. 11(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the ultrastructure of the trigonal muscle (= superficial trigone), relate it to normal function, and identify any changes it may undergo in voiding dysfunction. MATERIALS AND METHODS 20 men (median age 67 years) with low-stage prostatic carcinoma, 10 with and 10 without bladder outlet obstruction, were selected by urodynamic(More)