Ahmad Barforoush

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Metaresoning is again under focus in the AI community. Here in this paper, a new classification for types of metareasoning has been proposed. In recent years, only the ones that are here named as pre-metareasoning and para-metareasoning have been studied. The first one is for predicting the best computation path for having better performance programs. The(More)
Previous efforts in implementation of systems with Meta-knowledge (e.g. TEIRESIAS and MOLGEN) have been limited to some degree of hard-coded features. In this paper we introduce a Flexible Engine (FlEng) as an experimental inference engine which keeps its control strategy with its object knowledge both together. The inference engine (FlEng) is a small(More)
Recently, we have witnessed entity profiling (EP) becoming increasingly one of the most important topics in information extraction, personalized applications, and web data analysis. EP aims to identify, extract, and represent a compact summary of valuable information about an entity based on the data related to it. To determine how EP systems have(More)
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