Ahmad Asrul Ibrahim

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This paper presents an effective power quality monitor (PQM) placement method for voltage sag assessment by utilizing quantum-inspired particle swarm optimization technique. The optimization handles the observability constraints based on the topological monitor reach area concept and solves a multi-objective function in obtaining the optimal number and(More)
This paper presents a performance comparison between three optimization techniques, namely, quantum-inspired binary particle swarm optimization, binary particle swarm optimization and genetic algorithm in application to optimal power quality monitor (PQM) placement method for voltage sag assessment. The optimization handles the observability constraints(More)
This paper presents a combinational quantum-inspired binary gravitational search algorithm (QBGSA) for solving the optimal power quality monitor (PQM) placement problem in power systems for voltage sag assessment. In this algorithm, the standard binary gravitational search algorithm is modified by applying the concept and principles of quantum behaviour as(More)
This paper presents a new method for determining optimal sizing and suitable placement for distributed generation (DG) in distribution system. A multi-objective function is created to minimise the total losses and average voltage total harmonic distortion (THDv) of the distribution system. The proposed method utilizes gravitational search algorithm (GSA )in(More)
This paper presents a novel technique to visualize and detect various power quality disturbance events. It is based on the image processing methods known as grayscale images and binary images. Gray image created from recorded disturbance voltage waveform is first represented as a transverse wave having compressions and rarefactions. Then using image(More)
This paper presentsa voltage control strategy for power distribution systems with interconnected renewable energy based distributed generators (DGs). The control strategy coordinating conventional voltage control devices and reactive power from DG.A mixed-integer nonlinear programming problem was formulated and solved by particle swarm optimization (PSO).(More)
Firefl y algorithm is one of the heuristic optimization algorithms which mainly based on the light intensity and the attractiveness of fi refl y. However, fi refl y algorithm has the problem of being trapped in local optimum and slow convergence rates due to its random searching process. This study introduces some methods to enhance the performance of(More)