Ahmad Al-Jarrah

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This paper presents a simple reasoned methodology for designing sliding mode controllers (SMCs) for single-input-multi-output (SIMO) control systems. The approach is explicitly based on the assessment of a system total energy, and the realization of a SMC that minimizes that energy. The practical implementation of the proposed approach is exemplified on an(More)
Applications of the wireless sensor networks have widely increased in recent years. However, a lot of work has been developed to improve the performance of these wireless sensor networks. But, there are some main limitations till now due to complexity appeared for maximizing the lifetime, dealing with the noisy data, having a balance of the node loading,(More)
—Four-bar linkage mechanisms are of interest for many specialists in the academia and industry. However, it is one of the mechanisms that is highly nonlinear and exhibits complex behavior. Therefore, it is difficult to model and control their dynamic responses. In this paper, various control schemes are explored and tested on the four-bar mechanism to(More)
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