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Interleaved sampling is used by major DSO vendors for acquisition of periodic waveforms to increase the equivalent sampling frequency. These instruments use advanced proprietary solutions that are not applicable to low cost instrumentation easily. Accurate frame interleaved sampling becomes applicable when the waveform of interest can be excited at will,(More)
Online ultrasonic monitoring of aqueous solutions involves acquisition of an ultrasonic waveform either propagated through the solution or reflected from a reflector placed inside it. Most conventional ultrasonic instruments upload the waveform to a separate computer which calculates from this waveform, e.g., the propagation delay and the attenuation(More)
High accuracy data acquisition frequently employs averaging in order to improve the signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) of the output signal. Averaging requires acquisition of several copies of a noisy input signal that results in an increase in the measurement time, and is applicable for the periodic processes only. The SNR can alternatively be improved by digital(More)
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