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This study examined the recollection of autobiographical material in memory among Iranian military veterans with and without posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and healthy non-trauma-exposed control subjects. Participants completed the Autobiographical Memory Test, Autobiographical Memory Interview (counterbalanced), Impact of Event Scale-Revised, Beck(More)
In the directed Steiner tree problem, we are given a digraph, nonnegative arc weights, a subset of vertices called terminals, and a special terminal called the root. The goal is to compute a minimum weight directed tree that connects each terminal to the root. We study the classical directed cut linear programming (LP) formulation which has a variable for(More)
Let F be a binary clutter. We prove that if F is non-ideal, then either F or its blocker b(F) has one of L7,O5,LC7 as a minor. L7 is the non-ideal clutter of the lines of the Fano plane, O5 is the non-ideal clutter of odd circuits of the complete graph K5, and the two-point Fano LC7 is the ideal clutter whose sets are the lines, and their complements, of(More)
Atomic force microscopy (AFM), as an indispensable tool for nanoscale characterization, presents major drawbacks for operation in a liquid environment arising from the large hydrodynamic drag on the vibrating cantilever. The newly introduced 'Trolling mode' (TR-mode) AFM resolves this complication by using a specialized nanoneedle cantilever that keeps the(More)
In this paper we will establish some identities involving sums of reciprocals<lb>of single binomial coefficients. We will subsume and extend some results obtained by<lb>Sury Wang and Zhao; furthermore we shall give bounds on some resulting series which<lb>depend on several parameters. We then extend the results to obtain identities for sums<lb>of(More)
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