Ahmad A. Mohammad

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In this paper, we present a new digital watermarking scheme for ownership protection. The algorithm embeds the watermark in the Schur decomposition components of the cover image. We also show that this algorithm is noninvertible. Comparisons with other algorithms indicate that the proposed algorithm is robust against most common attacks including(More)
Audio watermarking has been proved as a powerful tool against illegal manipulation of audio products. It is generally used as a multimedia copyright protection tool. In this paper, we propose an audio watermarking algorithm based on two mathematical functions: Discrete Wavelet Transform (DWT) and Singular Value Decomposition (SVD). These algorithms(More)
Telemedicine is a booming healthcare practice that has facilitated the exchange of medical data and expertise between healthcare entities. However, the widespread use of telemedicine applications requires a secured scheme to guarantee confidentiality and verify authenticity and integrity of exchanged medical data. In this paper, we describe a region-based,(More)
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